Here is what some of those who have experienced Juliana's presentations have to say:

"I loved that this program was different that anything I've done before and extremely valuable for work and everyday life!"

  • J. Edmonds, Society for Professional Marketing Services Regional Conference

She ROCKED the room! Everyone just blossomed, even if they were already skilled they all 
sounded fabulous! Can't wait to see her again!"

  • P. Moore, Referral Business Builders 

"Juliana, thank you for “wow-ing” us last week.  We loved your talk, especially the interactivity 
and your terrific energy.  I so hope you will work with us again."

  • E.  Berry, Professional Women's Network of Houston 

"She changed the energy of the entire room with her talk--everyone was so much more connected and engaged with each other after participating in her speech." 

  • S.  Holzer , RBB Networking Group 

"A big thank you for delivering such a valuable program for our Chamber yesterday. It was 
pertinent, engaging and enjoyable! We hope to have you back!" 

  • B. Thomason, Northwest Houston Chamber of Commerce 

"I use the information I learned from Juliana both at work and at home—I even use some of the 
persuasion techniques on my kids and husband!"

  • P.  Moore, Verde Wealth Group

"I liked the interactive quality of this class best.  This workshop gave me an advantage over other 
job seekers who haven’t taken it."

  • C. Neal, University of Houston Law Center

"Juliana I thought the workshop was wonderful!  Your presentation was fun and informative and 
I will be sure to utilize your recommendations at my next manager’s meeting."

  • V. Stewart, National Society of Black Engineers

Team Building: 

Motivating and building trust in teams

Studies show that the highest performing teams have one thing in common: psychological safety.  

In this interactive program, Juliana creates an environment that builds trust, unifies a team and leaves them feeling like they are part of something bigger than themselves.  

Using fun and engaging activities, Juliana helps team find common ground, turn conflict into collaboration and communicate effectively, creating a "we're all in this together" environment.

Team building programs can be customized to fit any size team or department and are great for team meetings, department retreats and all-employee gatherings.

Participant takeaways:  

  • Feeling like they belong on the team
  • Learning to use curiosity instead of blame
  • Appreciating differences


Connections Matter: getting the most out of your conference or meeting

Do you want your audience to get the most out of a conference or meeting? In this interactive and entertaining program, Juliana changes the energy in the room to unite the audience and create a sense of community.  Participants feel connected, engaged and energized--ready for the next session. 

Using the basic tools of comedy improvisation, former Comedy Improvisation Performer Juliana Ashley leads the audience through a series of hilarious activities designed to enhance communication skills and deepen connection among participants. Audiences see drastic results in both business and personal relationships! 

Participants takeaways: 

  • Feeling connected to others in the room 
  • Discovering how small talk becomes real talk 
  • Removing barriers that prevent you from connecting 


presentation skills: 

connect with your audience from the stage or the podium

Are you tired of sitting through or delivering presentations that put the audience to sleep? Juliana shows speakers, presenters and those who run meetings how to engage their audience, connect from the stage and create a sense of community in a group AND how to make even the most dry content, fun and engaging.  

Using tools and techniques from Comedy Improvisation and persuasive speaking tactics from years of practicing law, Juliana teaches participants how to change the energy in a room, create deeper, more meaningful connections with an audience and deliver presentations that are entertaining, informative and unforgettable. 

Participant takeaways:

  • Creating and delivering icebreakers that work
  • ​Energizing an audience and thinking on your feet
  • Making even dry material fun and memorable

 communicate | collaborate | Connect