Here's what Gerald learned in his own words:

     “My personal passion: Collaborating with other artists to produce and orchestrate beautiful, interesting and unique music.  A conductor.
My professional talent: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to produce and orchestrate efficient, effective and profitable solutions. A leader.

Sounds simple? It is! But take 37 years of IT experience, thousands of programs and hundreds of problems and it becomes much harder to see with such clarity. But the clarity provides a framework to order and organize all that experience. Now my resume, LinkedIn and interview answers are all formed into a paradigm that conveys my value with maximum impact.  It’s the melody that people will remember long after the lyrics are forgotten.

I call it “bottom up thinking and top down understanding”.  It’s a process and a process that Juliana understands intuitively. I was well down the line in this process but the final thing eluded me: the thing that would pull it all together. After ten minutes on stage with Juliana, five minutes of thinking and one word from someone in the audience (orchestrate) it all fell together.  It will be invaluable to me.  I am very grateful to Juliana for making it happen! Let Juliana help you write your song. Until you do, you’re just wasting time”

-Gerald Hogan

May 24, 2017

The focus of Juliana's talk in May 2017 at the Between Jobs Ministry (BJM)

workshop was aboutMarketing Yourself in Job Search. She explained

three keys to successfully marketing yourself:

1.  Knowing yourself and what you have to offer.

2.  Knowing what type of job you want and why.

3.  Knowing who to market yourself to.

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During this presentation, Juliana asked for a volunteer from the audience.  Gerald Hogan (a first time attender to BJM), bravely raised his hand, and let Juliana grill him about his job search.  She asked him questions such as "What kind of job are you looking for?  What did you enjoy most about your last job?  What was your most rewarding moment at your last job?  She did some brainstorming with the audience as well, and lo and behold-Gerald found out that he likes to ​               orchestrate.  

If you want to learn more about how to market YOURSELF in job search, Juliana has created a group coaching program to help you figure that out.  She'll work together just like she did with Gerald in increase your chances of finding that ideal next job.  

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headshot of Juliana
Juliana coaching at Northwest bible church

Ashley coaching BJM'ers. Who wants to volunteer?

Photo credit:  Kathy Parks

​"Juliana's process worked for me and it can work for you too!"

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Gerald thanks Juliana

Photo credit:  Kathy Parks